Who is this James Donald Forbes McCann that everybody is talking about?

James Donald Forbes McCann is a writer / comedian / poet / playwright / political philosopher / rapper. He was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia.

What has James Donald Forbes McCann actually done?

- Wrote two award winning musicals, Wolf Creek: The Musical and The Sound of Nazis
Winner of Raw Comedy South Australia
- Winner of Best Emerging Comedy at the Adelaide Fringe
- Written for Junkee Media, Pedestrian.tv, The Adelaide Review, Rip It Up, Huffington Post, Vice, The Australian, Quadrant, The Spectator Australia, and ZOO Magazine.
- He made this exquisite video (and accompanying song) about a lamp:

That's all well and good, but what do the experts say about James Donald Forbes McCann?

"Delightfully politically incorrect"
- The Advertiser

"This was wacky, shouty comedy at its best; a high energy performance with a hint of danger."
- Squirrel Comedy

"Brimming with ideas"
- The Music

"Nowhere in this garbled, under-prepared and ill thought-through offering is there anything to give you confidence that this is a man who has the first clue about what he is doing."
- Chortle

That fellow from Chortle really missed the mark. Hasn't he seen James Donald Forbes McCann's excellent lamp video? Doesn't he realise that to be in the presence of James Donald Forbes McCann is to be in the presence of genius?


Why is there a drawing of a boar at the top of this website?

The boar is on the McCann family crest, and James Donald Forbes McCann is proud of his heritage.

A lesser comedian might have shied away from invoking the boar, because it might provoke some cruel jibe about his comedy being boar-ing (boring).

Thank goodness that James Donald Forbes McCann is not a lesser comedian.

Can I book James Donald Forbes McCann for a show, or to speak at my school, university, or function?

Well, you can ask and see if he's interested. James Donald Forbes McCann may be reached at JDFMcCann at gmail dot com.