In which James Donald Forbes McCann brings you up to speed


How things have changed!

1) I now co-host a radio show on Hit 107. You can download the podcast here, or listen each Saturday morning. I am easily the least good-looking member of the team, so thank God we aren't working on a visual medium:

2) The comedy festivals never end. The opening show in Perth was somewhat ramshackle, but all has come together now. Reviews in Adelaide were most kind and sales were so pleasing that an extra performance was added.

I'm still on the road, now performing in Melbourne where I am doing a few shows in the comedy festival. Most comedians use these festivals as an excuse to get drunk and mingle and make bad sexual choices, but not I. In part, this is thanks to my superior morals, though it has also been thanks to a tenacious cold. I lie in bed all day, get up to do my show, and go straight back to bed. I think I've finally thrown the damn sickness today (and so am celebrating with this blog post).

3) I'm performing 'Deplorable' for one night only in Melbourne. Tickets are available here. If you can't make it along, fret not! I'm still doing the full run of a split bill show (with tickets here, and some very talented co-performers!).

4) I'm doing a 100% new show at the 100% new Rhino Room in Adelaide. I can't guarantee it'll be great, but I can guarantee it'll be new, and that's almost as good. Tickets here.

5) I've written a stack of new articles, mostly for and The Spectator Australia, and you can read some of them over here.

Expect to see this blog updated more often. I shall try for weekly updates!



In which James Donald Forbes McCann rambles about his upcoming Stand Up Tour


Adoring public,

I shall soon be on the road performing stand up comedy once again. I'm off to gig at the sit-down comedy club next week in Brisbane, and after that I'm taking shows to the Perth Fringe, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Check out the stylish poster for my solo show, designed by the great Henry Stentiford: 

 (All the boring text about awards, critical acclaim and dates and times are yet to come. I was simply impatient to share the artwork with the world.)

(All the boring text about awards, critical acclaim and dates and times are yet to come. I was simply impatient to share the artwork with the world.)

What is there to tell you about the show? It's an hour or so of funny songs, poems and the best stand up comedy I've written over the last few years. One supposes there's a story - and a 'you'll cry' portion of the 'you'll laugh, you'll cry' descriptor - but, basically, it's just a wonderfully funny time. 

Details for upcoming Deplorable shows are:

PERTH (not actually in the Fringe guide - doing a one off secret show)
Facebook event:

Facebook event:

Details to come for the solo show, and group show I'm doing with some swell chaps will be on sale soon.

James Donald Forbes McCann


In which James Donald Forbes McCann writes records and releases an album in one day


On the road and a little deflated, I decided to write and record a full album in 24 hours. In effect, it was closer to 8 hours and an EP, as I went off to a comedy show and became over-refreshed afterwards.

An alternate title for the 'album' (which clocks in at under twelve minutes) might well be 'a bad idea executed poorly'. 

If you want to watch me write and record it, I live streamed most of it at my Facebook page. Otherwise, the finished product is below:




In Which James Donald Forbes McCann Moves House For The Eleventh Time In Five Years


Really, one supposes, it shouldn't count as moving house eleven times. Five of them - including this one - involve moving back in with Ma and Pa.

Next week I leave Sydney, and head back to Adelaide to once again disrupt my parent's autumnal years. Presently, I'm booking in gigs and shall be 'hitting the road' to earn my crust as a jobbing comic. If you head to the gigs page you can see where I'll shortly be telling yarns, unless, that is, you're clicking that link right after I've written this post, because I haven't updated it yet.

Rest assured in the knowledge that, at very least, before the end of the year you'll be able to catch me in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

James Donald Forbes McCann



In which James Donald Forbes McCann says goodbye to Adelaide


Dear Adelaide,

It is with great sadness that I write to you today. Rip it Up, the magazine I worked on for the last year, has shut down. I was informed of this while on an otherwise relaxing holiday in New Zealand with my lady love (pictured above, with me, artificially content, shortly after we got the news).

In pursuit of gainful employment, we are moving to Sydney. I promise I'll come back and visit.

I have purchased this website as a means to host some of my Rip it Up articles, which would have otherwise disappeared from the internet. will also serve as a blog, a portal to my other work, and a guide to my upcoming performances. 

Farewell, fair Adelaide. I have frolicked in your humble mountains, toiled in your moderately-sized office buildings, refreshed myself in your tasteful inner-city pubs, and vomited in your otherwise well-kept gutters. I have resided in your glorious eastern suburbs, your acceptable western suburbs, and the northern part, which isn't nearly as bad as folks say. I have courted your women, loved your footy team, and become intimate with your second hand bookshops.

Eternally yours,
James Donald Forbes McCann