In which James Donald Forbes McCann says goodbye to Adelaide


Dear Adelaide,

It is with great sadness that I write to you today. Rip it Up, the magazine I worked on for the last year, has shut down. I was informed of this while on an otherwise relaxing holiday in New Zealand with my lady love (pictured above, with me, artificially content, shortly after we got the news).

In pursuit of gainful employment, we are moving to Sydney. I promise I'll come back and visit.

I have purchased this website as a means to host some of my Rip it Up articles, which would have otherwise disappeared from the internet. will also serve as a blog, a portal to my other work, and a guide to my upcoming performances. 

Farewell, fair Adelaide. I have frolicked in your humble mountains, toiled in your moderately-sized office buildings, refreshed myself in your tasteful inner-city pubs, and vomited in your otherwise well-kept gutters. I have resided in your glorious eastern suburbs, your acceptable western suburbs, and the northern part, which isn't nearly as bad as folks say. I have courted your women, loved your footy team, and become intimate with your second hand bookshops.

Eternally yours,
James Donald Forbes McCann