In which James Donald Forbes McCann brings you up to speed


How things have changed!

1) I now co-host a radio show on Hit 107. You can download the podcast here, or listen each Saturday morning. I am easily the least good-looking member of the team, so thank God we aren't working on a visual medium:

2) The comedy festivals never end. The opening show in Perth was somewhat ramshackle, but all has come together now. Reviews in Adelaide were most kind and sales were so pleasing that an extra performance was added.

I'm still on the road, now performing in Melbourne where I am doing a few shows in the comedy festival. Most comedians use these festivals as an excuse to get drunk and mingle and make bad sexual choices, but not I. In part, this is thanks to my superior morals, though it has also been thanks to a tenacious cold. I lie in bed all day, get up to do my show, and go straight back to bed. I think I've finally thrown the damn sickness today (and so am celebrating with this blog post).

3) I'm performing 'Deplorable' for one night only in Melbourne. Tickets are available here. If you can't make it along, fret not! I'm still doing the full run of a split bill show (with tickets here, and some very talented co-performers!).

4) I'm doing a 100% new show at the 100% new Rhino Room in Adelaide. I can't guarantee it'll be great, but I can guarantee it'll be new, and that's almost as good. Tickets here.

5) I've written a stack of new articles, mostly for and The Spectator Australia, and you can read some of them over here.

Expect to see this blog updated more often. I shall try for weekly updates!